2023. december 7., csütörtök


2023. augusztus 28.

Summer's almost over and we are bringing you the latest news on what happened during the summer holidays! We hope you are refreshed, energised and ready for the new academic year filled with EUGLOH!

2023. augusztus 21.

We are excited to announce the 4th EUGLOH Annual Student Research Conference on "Pandemics and Global Health Crises”.

Abstract Submission Deadline: 17 September 2023

2023. május 31.

Angol nyelvű, rövid hírösszefoglaló az elmúlt időszak eseményeiről, közelgő programok a EUGLOH partneregyetemek szervezésében.

2022. május 19.

The INTERSEXUALITIES group has been developing a critical reflection on politics and power relations from the perspectives provided by contemporary theories on gender, sex and sexualities. The overall goal is to promote a discussion around politics of inclusion and the idea of communities (social, national, literary and scientific).

2022. május 19.

Our concern will be to explore cultural imaginaries of a plural Europe through a dialogue between literary representations and other social and artistic discourses, using critical tools from different fields of Social Sciences and Humanities, taking into account different cultural perspectives and the points of view of literature and aesthetics.